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Visit Around Roca Azul RV Park Local Area

You will find that the small Mexican pueblo of Jocotepec is easy to get around and has everything you need to make your visit enjoyable. To reach Jocotepec, just take a right at the francionamiento main gate and follow the cobblestone road for about 1.5 km. This road is Matamoros and it will take you past the hospital on your left, the church on your right and to your first traffic light at Calle Miguel Arana.  

To reach La Bodega Aurrera, Guadalajara Pharmacy, Pemex Gas or to get to the towns of Ajijic or Chapala, turn right. To go to the town’s center and to the weekly Tianguis, turn left.


You will find ample parking as well as several public parking areas. The best way to see the town is to park and walk around. Go to the town’s central plaza and you will find some of the local English-speaking residents sitting at the coffee shop on the north side. If you have not gotten a Mexican cel phone, you can get one right next door to the coffee shop. Everything else you may need is a short walk away. You will find several restaurants and street side eateries, as well as small neighborhood markets. Everything is pricedreasonablyand you will find the locals very helpful and happy to see you. Jocotepec is not a popular English- speaking town, so having a little knowledge of the Spanish language is helpful. But, do not fear, there is always someone close by that can speak English.

For a complete Mexican experience, consider visiting some of the other towns along the Lake Chapala coast. Use your GPS or your maps to go to San Juan Cosala, Ajijic, San Antonio and Chapala. You will find these towns to be popular among American and Canadian retirees that come looking for winter warmth and where you will find plenty to do. Ajijic and Chapala are also more English speaking friendly, so getting around is easy if you do not speak Spanish.Sorry, but there are even less French speaking opportunities in this area.